EDIT! Blog theme now updated – hope you like!

Following on from my last post, the more keen-eyed of you out there will notice I’m currently using the crappy, default WordPress theme, but fear not – measures are currently under way to resolve this!

I’ve just installed XAMPP, a very handy all-in-one local server package comprising the Apache Web Server, MySQL, PHP & Perl. With the help of this, I can now create my own personal WordPress theme to match my website – which ironically is still also in development!

Once I’ve nailed my design, you can expect drastic changes across both my blog and my main website. At a guess, I’d say all development work will be ready and live within a couple of weeks – so you won’t need to wait too long!

Again, in the meantime you can follow me on Twitter, or check out any of my personal MR2 Videos in my YouTube account.