Back on the Road for 2012!


After many months waiting in anticipation for the weather to start getting pleasant again, my MR2 has now been released from the clutches of storage and is back on the road!

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MR2 LED Dash Dial Lights

In continuation of my previous post, I can now reveal that I have installed my Red LED lights and installed the dials back into the car!

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MR2 Dial Rings & Carbon Fibre Dial Overlay

Inspired by many other owners, and due to the fact I’m not using my MR2 – I thought now would be the perfect time to modify my MR2 dials.

I basically wanted something subtle but very effective, so I chose to add some aluminium dial rings and a carbon fibre overlay with 3M Di-Noc vinyl. I also decided to modify the standard (dull) lights and bought myself some LED’s, but these are yet to arrive through the post! Once they are here, I’ll add another blog post to record the results.

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Refurbished MR2 Gear Knob

Among the MR2 community it is commonplace for owners to often replace old and worn interior parts for new – and this also applies to gear knobs.

Truth be told, the original gear knob on my MR2 was in fantastic condition for it’s age, but I just couldn’t resist purchasing a refurbished gear knob from Rhon over at the MR2OC. Rhon produces fantastic quality, hand-stitched leather replacements for gear gaiters, gear knobs and door cards.

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Steering Wheel Quick Release

[04/03/2012] EDIT: Unfortunately, I’ve made the decision to remove this Quick Release kit. As fantastic as it may be, I just can’t get used to the new driving position such a device creates. It brings the steering wheel far too close to me for my liking – and is something that I just won’t be able to get used to. However, I shall leave the information below intact for future reference.

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Turbocharged Website Upgrades!

With the onset of the 1 year anniversary of the launch of just around the corner, and the fact that our website now receives more visitors than ever, I’ve taken it upon myself to upgrade the website for a far better user experience.

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