Sooo, just to expand the presence of my MR2 among the world-wide-web, I’ve created its own dedicated YouTube channel.


I’ve currently uploaded just 5 videos (they’re all I have I’m afraid), and unfortunately the quality isn’t too great either. However, I still thought they’d be worth seeing.

Just a bit of background on the videos, they were taken when I visited Santa Pod Raceway, my (very) local drag-strip, in March 2010 – back when my MR2 was still stock! This was the first time I’d ever taken any car up a quarter-mile strip before, so needless to say I was rather nervous. Once my initial run was complete however, I was hooked!

I made around 10 passes up the strip on the day, and the only factor stopping me from doing more was the fear of damaging my car… I didn’t want to travel home in a recovery van with a disintegrated clutch, thank-you-very-much!

Check out one of my videos below, be sure to visit my YouTube Channel to see the rest: