There comes a time in anything where one has to consider the future. In my case, I now need to do some serious thinking as to the future of this gorgeous MR2 in my ownership.

For any of you out there that know me personally, you’ll no doubt have heard me talk about my two automotive passions – the Toyota MR2 and the Subaru Impreza. I’ve had an Impreza itch for the past few months now, and with a birthday coming up – I feel this is an itch I have to scratch.

I’m nearing 22 years old now, and at this age insurance prices for performance vehicles finally start approaching the realms of affordability. This means I’ll be able to insure a 300BHP+ Subaru Impreza for less than four figures. Hooray!

I just can’t resist the temptation to buy myself an Impreza any longer.

This does of course lead to the inevitable question of the fate of my MR2. In an unrealistic world I would quite happily keep my MR2 tucked away in the garage for the rest of time, but the petrolhead within screams that this is such a waste of an amazing car.

So with a new 4WD, WR Blue vehicle arriving in the near future, what fate will behold my humble little MR2?

Watch this space.