My name’s Jay and thanks for visiting!

A little about myself. I’m 20-something years old, I live in the Midlands of England and also own a Subaru Impreza. I’ve owned my MR2 since 2009.


As a child, nothing excited me more than spending a day or two watching some of the world’s fastest cars burn rubber at the (very) local drag-racing strip, Santa Pod Raceway. A home to many of the country’s greatest car related events, I would spend hours admiring the sheer variety of cars and their modifications, in the hope of one day joining the ranks with a car of my own.

During such car events, there were always two marquees that stood out to me head and shoulders above everything else; Subaru Imprezas, and the second generation Toyota MR2. I knew one day I would own at least one of these. This website is dedicated to my Toyota MR2 (and you can read about my Impreza here!)