Fulfilling the dream

Let’s just take a moment to flash back to 2009 – a very important year for me. This was the year I became the very proud owner of an immaculate Mk2 Rev 4 N/A MR2.

After a couple of months trawling through every automotive classifieds I could find, I finally found my perfect MR2. I had a strict criteria, and this was the only MR2 which seemed to match it perfectly. It had to be red, had to be a T-Bar, had to be at least a Revision 3, had to have low(ish) miles, had to be totally standard and had to have a Full Service History. Yes, I’m rather fussy!

Very first glimpse of my MR2 on the previous owner’s driveway!

With all those boxes firmly ticked, I made my way back home from North London. Yes, with much lighter wallet, but with one hell of a car, and the start of my automotive project.

Needless to say, my MR2 didn’t stay standard for long. Since purchasing it, I’ve tastefully added what I consider to be my own personal touches to make my MR2 the car I’ve always dreamed of owning.

Feel free to check out my MR2 Modifications and my MR2 Gallery, and keep checking back on my MR2 Blog to see my latest developments!

A more up-to-date image!

A more up-to-date image!