Hundreds of New MR2 Images!

I hope you all like MR2 pictures, because I’ve got one hell of an update for you!

I’ve browsed through the archives of my computer and various previous phones and I’ve compiled a metric f*ckton of images associated with my MR2 (we’re talking over 600 pictures here).

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Some Website Updates

Just a quick update, and an apology in advance. I’ve been reconfiguring the website a little bit recently, and have merged the entire website with my blog platform. This means that the old ‘traditional’ design is no-longer present.

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Never Park Your Car. Anywhere. Ever.

Fu**ing sh**ting c**ting bollocks.

It’s hard to put into words the feeling of anger mixed with sadness mixed with rage, but the sentiment above is a mild explanation of how I’m feeling right about now.

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First Trip to Pacific Works

With my MR2 recently suffering from some rather nasty clutch slip (admittedly self-inflicted, thanks to the addicting nature of Santa Pod!), I felt it was the perfect time to implement some long overdue engine-related changes and modifications.

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MR2 Autoleads Interior Aerial

Since I’ve owned my MR2, the standard radio Aerial hasn’t worked. This is a fairly common fault with the MR2 aerial for some reason, and many either replace it with another Toyota item, an aftermarket solution – or just put up with not listening to the radio (the latter of which I admit to doing for over 2 years!)

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MR2 Sidelight LEDs

Following on from my LED spree with my MR2 dial lights, I have now fitted some SMD LEDs to my sidelights.

When I initially decided to change my dial lights, I purchased both Red and Super-White LEDs as I couldn’t make up my mind as to which set to install. The Red’s seemed to suit the car better, so there they stayed and the Super-White LEDs became redundant. Until, that is, I remembered that the MR2 sidelights also accept 501 size bulbs and LEDs.

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