Taxed, Tested and Ready for 2013

With a fresh 6 months tax and a clean bill of health from the MOT centre, my MR2 is now back on the road for 2013!

As I’ve previously mentioned, this could well be the last year of my MR2 ownership. I wasn’t being completely honest when I said that an impending Impreza was the sole reason for me wanting to sell the MR2. Truth is, I rather badly damaged my back in ridiculous circumstances two years ago and the road to recovery is taking a lot longer than I envisaged.

As you can imagine, driving a lowered sports car with low profile tyres and heavy power steering is doing me no favours at all. Even now, driving on my short daily commute is getting tiresome, and I can no longer enjoy the MR2 as I once used to.

But enough of the sob story, I’ll move on to some real updates worth mentioning.

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Tucked Away for Winter

With the harsh winter months now upon us, and after having braved the last 2 winters in my MR2, I decided it may be wise this year to invest in a cheap dedicated winter car.

So I present to you, my Audi A4 2.6 Quattro!

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