Inspired by many other owners, and due to the fact I’m not using my MR2 – I thought now would be the perfect time to modify my MR2 dials.

I basically wanted something subtle but very effective, so I chose to add some aluminium dial rings and a carbon fibre overlay with 3M Di-Noc vinyl. I also decided to modify the standard (dull) lights and bought myself some LED’s, but these are yet to arrive through the post! Once they are here, I’ll add another blog post to record the results.

First things first, remove the dials from the car! A very simple process, thoroughly detailed in this guide:

Now with dials out and disassembled, I made myself a paper template for the carbon fibre overlay. This took a fair bit of trial and error due to the awkwardness of measuring the dials and such.

I then traced around my template onto the 3M Di-Noc Carbon Fibre vinyl.

Now for the fiddly bit – affixing the vinyl to the dial surround! Thankfully this vinyl is very pliable and was fairly easily moulded to the shape of the dials …thanks to the use of my sister’s hairdrier! Once securely affixed, I then began cutting out all of the dial ‘holes’. With a sharp craft knife, this was a nice and simple process.

All cut out!

With some superglue, I then attached all of my aluminium dial surrounds. Again, a rather fiddly process – but well worth the time taken. Note: The aluminium dial surrounds were purchased from eBay, here: – well recommended seller!

And here we are, fully assembled again. VERY happy with the result!

Like I said, I’ve yet to receive my LED lights – so I’ll conclude this write-up once they arrive!