Just a quick update, and an apology in advance. I’ve been reconfiguring the website a little bit recently, and have merged the entire website with my blog platform. This means that the old ‘traditional’ design is no-longer present.

It also means that some pages of the website may not work quite right. I’ve spent hours testing all configuration options to allow for minimum disruption of the viewing experience, but if you happen to find a link that doesn’t seem to work any more, please let me know (leave a comment below), and I’ll get it fixed.

This new integration process will unfortunately lead to some dead links from the likes of Google and Bing, and until they update their indexes to remove these dead links, there’s nothing I can do about this. Hopefully none of this will negatively affect your viewing experience, and I hope you continue to visit JDMR2.com in the future!

All the best!